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Sunday 1st of March 2015 06:23:25 PM

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Supplier of live slaughter goats, Agents for international meat goat sales.
Specialist supplier of Australian organic live goats, feral goat buyers and agents.
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Capricorn pastoral has 15+ years experience in handling, capturing and selling feral goats for slaughter. Feral Goats can be domesticated and turned into a viable live stock alternative. We are always looking to establish new relationships with goat capture operations.

Alternatively if you are a livestock importer looking to purchase australian organically raised feral goats we have access to large numbers of feral goats. 

Feral Does - Min 15kg, 8 to 14months old, $275 usd min order 200 units.

Capricorn Pastoral are goat specialist, we have lived and worked in the western districts of NSW, WA and QLD and unique skills in the marketing of feral goats. All types of goats and sheep are our trade. Live slaughter goats, sheep and dairy cattle is the core business.

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Sunday 1st of March 2015 06:23:25 PM